Colorful Dreadlocks Ideas To Rock in 2017

Looking for new ideas on how to wear protective hairstyles? Well, for all of us the new year will mean a new beginning. Women will want to go for a new wardrobe that will be completely different of what they had, choose some new accessories. For sure, the easiest way to achieve that makeover is to get a new hairstyle. I have got two ideas for you today. One is going for dreads. This unique and very popular way of protecting hair and growing out natural strands will look fine for the coming seasons. However, the second idea is to wear colorful dreadlocks hairstyles 2017. Yes, it is not very common to get locs of various colors. Usually, women prefer to go for black or brown ones. Yet nobody said that colors are bad. Especially when we are talking about spring and summer time. These are the seasons when you an easily obtain some bright color and catch eyes all around your new dreads styles.

Green color dreads

bright green dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
bob hairstyles out of green dreads
highlighted green dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
dreads with green highlights

Feels like the merman hair trend is peacefully passing to women again. On the trends it is also possible to get that transitional looks. Light lime and mint green combined with darker shades and yellow, will get you the look.

Turquoise colorful dreadlocks hairstyles 2017

green dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
sea blueish locs for black women
turquoise dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
black women short blue-green dreads

Summer is the time of seashore and fun. Consequently, if you wear hair of the sea color it will be more than appropriate. Mind, that you can play also with your length. As far as bob cuts are so on trend, why not try to have short dreads?

Black women blue locs

short blue dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
dreads with blue highlights

Though it may seem strange at first sight, colorful dreadlocks hairstyles 2017 will be full of blue color ideas. I say strange cause the current trends mostly sport authentic look, more natural colors and shades. However, blue is rocking and hurry on to get your shade of blue.

Pink and red dreads for women

blonde pink dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
blonde and soft pink locs
pink dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
long pink dreadlocks hairstyles
red dreadlocks hairtsyles 2017
vivacious red dreads

Another group of dreadlocks shades is all about pink and red. All possible shades from deep purple and mahogany to the sweetest strawberry blonde are meant for you once you decide on color and on length too. Above all, you can always play with highlights like ombre that will look simply smashing on dreads.