Black Women Biggest Hair Color Trends 2017

Not sure what to do with your hair for the coming spring? The biggest hair trends are coming now! No matter if you are wearing natural afros, relaxed hair, protective styles or simply wigs. Below you will find black women hair color trends 2017. Now you will already know what to tell your hairstylist. Even though we face the constant tendency for naturalness, nobody said that vivid colors are vanished away in the past. Blue and green, pink and yellow, you are absolutely free to choose the color you feel like wearing. Above all, you are not obliged to stay with some particular shade for ages. Change quickly, always be in the rhythm and find the best ideas for your look reading through this post.

Silver hair

silver grey hair colors for black women 2017
grey hair

Long long before, grey hair were supposed to refer to the natural process of aging only. Older women died hair constantly to hide age, and make themselves look younger. However, now it is all different. Even young ladies go for silver shades ad look fantastic.

Pastel pink

pastel pink hair colors for black women 2017
soft pale pink hair colors

If you are on the side of those who love colors, yet stick to soft looks, then rest assured pastel hair colors are meant for you. Try the tender metallic pink and see how cool it is.

All shades of blue

blue hair colors for black women 2017
cool blue

Well, here we can have some doubt whether to go for blue or not. Indeed, in some cases it can look quite aggressive. Yet, there are always ways to make it look nice – like combine with right make-up and outfit.

Green hair colors fro black women

green hair colors for black women 2017
black women green hair

Though green is not a natural color at all, somehow it looks quite good and authentic. Perhaps, it is a matter of the shade of green. Darker tones will be most appropriate.

Rainbow hair

rainbow hair colors for black women 2017
all colors in one

This option is for the ones who want o make a loud statement and get all attention on their new hairstyle.

Red hair color trends

red hair colors for black women 2017
burgundy hair

Actually, all the shades of red are popular. Black women hair color trends 2017 sport burgundy and mahogany, copper and strawberry colors. Obviously, the choice is wide.

Blonde hair colors 2017

ombre hair colors for black women 2017
brown and blonde
blonde hair colors for black women 2017
bleached blonde

This is the classics – black women with blonde hair. This is the mixture of vanilla and coffee, the sweetest looks of all. However, make sure to choose a trendy blonde, like bleached and platinum.

Natural black women hair color trends 2017

natural hair colors for black women 2017
authentic black

At last, but not at least, you can always stay true to your own color. Hair trends 2017 will welcome you decision.