Top 5 Hair Colors for Box Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2017

Freshen up your look with colorful box braids hairstyles 2017! The protective hairstyles like twists and braids among all the benefits they have, are also very easy to adopt new color and shades. So why don’t you get one now? Stop being a grey mice with the barely noticed hair color. Get gorgeous with new vibrant shades. Even though the hair trends will sport natural looks, it doesn’t mean that your creativity should be silenced. Get red and green, yellow and pink shades. And enjoy yourself. Below you will find a brief but rather smart collection of box braids pictures with the top 5 hair color trends that tend to be popular this year. Here we go!

#1 long green jumbo braids

black and green braids

Being close to nature has never been more real than now. Meanwhile many of us imagine some vivid artificial color on hearing green, in reality it can be this much soft and transitional. All you need to do is to find a darker shade and m=cope it with the authentic black strands.

#2 blue color for protective hairstyles

light blue long braids

Getting to colors that do not look so really authentic, the first one will be blue. It attract attention, no doubt. Besides, you need to always remember that protective hairstyles are for a couple of weeks or a month. So you can always change the color soon enough.

#3 violet colorful box braids hairstyles 2017

electric violet color

One of the colors that most attracts eyes is the violet. It is not very loud, like yellow or lime for example. Still, it is soft like velvet. Above all, it fits the dark skin tone of black ladies. So violet should definitely be there o your list.

#4 red and orange box braids

long braids of red shade

Looking at the pictures, arouses in me only one desire – to get up right now and run and get a damn red hair color. They are jazzy, appealing, attractive, vamp. And a million of other words to describe. Anyway, be careful choosing the shade. Red has many tones.

#5 moonlit silver for your jumbo braids/twists

grey locs

At last but not at least, here are the silver box braids. You know, the recent incredible popularity of this color resulted in appearance of many color solutions. We see ombre and balayage with grey, full and half highlights. And yes the silver color fit the mocca skin.