6 Cutest Hairstyles Ideas For Relaxed Hair 2017

Once you have successfully passed the transitioning period and now finally have cool relaxed hair, you are absolutely free to create millions of styles. 2017 hairstyles for relaxed hair include crazy an elegant ideas, from funky bouffant styles, to simply straight middle parts. It is all about your choice an also the event you are getting ready for. For everyday life there are the ultra trendy bun and top knots. Finally, now they are available for you too. Just fixing hair in a high tail and wrapping it around, will result in a most stylish look of nowadays. As for elegant looks, now you can create fishtails and hundreds of braided styles, that with protective styles look a bit less fantastic. So let me introduce to you 6 cutest ideas for your relaxed hair that you can boast this spring and summer season.

#1 sky high ponytails

relaxed hair high ponytail hairstyles 2017
high straight p-tails

Well, the general opinion that there is nothing easier than a cute pony is perhaps correct. However, meanwhile you think that tails are casual, some already boast sky high updos with sleek tail and look fabulous.

#2 fun bubble ponytails for relaxed hair

black women bubble ponytail hairstyles 2017
relaxed hair bubble ponytails
relaxed hair bubble ponytail hairstyles 2017
trendy updos

Bubble ponytails are one of the cutest ideas for your next hairstyles. They look fun, they are unusual, thus can be worn anywhere.

#3 easy high bun hairstyles

relaxed hair bun hairstyles 2017
high casual top knots

The summer hit of high top knots is still here. With relaxed hair you can easily get this trendy look in just a couple of minutes.

#4 goddess braids hairstyles for black women

relaxed hair goddess braids hairstyles 2017
milkmaid braids

When you rock protective hairstyles, you can go for goddess braids. For sure they look fab. But once you have relaxed hair, you will get access to famous milkmaid braids too!

#5 slicked back 2017 hairstyles for relaxed hair

relaxed hair slicked back hairstyles 2017
wet effect slicked back hairstyles

Actually, wet hairstyles have been fashionable for over seasons now. And they are still here. 2017 hairstyles for relaxed hair will for sure include such slicked back styles.

#6 black wavy hair

black women wavy relaxed hairstyles 2017
long casual waves
relaxed hair wavy hairstyles 2017
wavy relaxed hair

Eventually, we get to wavy hair. Well, when you have inborn tight curls, perhaps you wan’t want to go for wavy hair ever, cause any type of coils may get you nervous. However, look at the above soft waves. They are attractive and are quite fitting to style on relaxed hair.