Awesome Colorful Natural Hair You Need To See

Natural curly hair is awesome. It is adored and sported by thousands of women around the world. And if some years ago the beehive curly mane was not that accepted in the society, nowadays the modern hair trends state that inborn texture is cool. However, this does not mean that you should stick to your natural hair color. Here is where you can try adopt adorable colorful natural hair. From pastel grey and pink to the craziest violet and green, the palette of shades is very wide. And what makes them even more special are the dizzy coils.

Violet color natural curls

short violet curls
huge purple curly hair

These flower hair color also has its sub-shades for any taste. You can go deep purple or adopt the very light variant. By the way, recently we quite often come to deal with hair chalks. So of you do not want to die your curls, use temporal technique like the chalk.

Pink: colorful natural hair

pink shade natural curls
pastel pink bob cuts for black women

Pink is one of my favorite hues. Well, the recent fashion weeks street style looks seem to have started new trend of neon colors. The brightest pink is among them. Well, that may be impressive. Bit for a grown up lady that still feels quite rebel and young, pastel pink will be the best.

Orange shades for natural curly hair

tangerine curls
colorful natural hair

Redheads have their own place in history, Copper haired women ruled the world like queen Elizabeth or the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher. Nowadays, black women can also adopt such colorful natural hair. Orange or copper or any other shade of red speaks a lot about its owner. Woman with tangerine hair hue is confident and independent, she is a lady vamp breaking hearts and conquering worlds.

Colorful naturally curly hairstyles

blue color hair
black and red natural coils

Acrually, any color can suit the inborn dizzy curls. No matter whether you wear short or long hair, you can try any color. Even the brightest blue will be a good start. For the most exquisite ones, I can offer having a look at layered colors. Nice choice when you have crown part darker and rest of the hair lighter. Like ombre effect but with solid hues. Or making a mixture of various colors merging into each other like balayage highlighting.