Modern Trendy Street Style Box Braids Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are very useful, nice and authentic, and there is no need to represent them. Each black woman knows when and how to wear them. However, there still remain some hair looks that are worthy to discuss and pay attention to – street style images. It is simply incredible how many gorgeous appearances you may meet simply walking in the streets. The inspirational looks of black women are far better than the ones we see on the celebrities, even on the runways. Street style box braids hairstyles are among the base looks that can be converted to anything with the right updo or downdo, with smartly chosen accessories and outfits. Ordinary women are amazing and can be a source of infinite inspiration for the ones seeking some new hair ideas.  So let me take you the street looks world now.

Street style long protective hairstyles

protective twists high bun
huge bun from box braids
street style updo from box braids
shaved side half up hair from braids extensions

Casual everyday looks are best of all achieved through updos. For box braids there are two main types – high bun, also known as donut buns, and half up half down hairstyles. Of curse, there are many updo styles that we all know about. But I am talking about casual looks. So the street style box braids bun can be your best companion for going out this night.

Loose street style box braids

extra long micro braids
micro braids street style looks
black women long micro braids
winter street style with box braids

Have you ever tried to combine your box braids with hats? Of not, try it right now. For autumn hats you can styles a side twist, or leave hair loose. While for winter warm knitted hats better leave you micro brads loose and boast the length and texture. Actually, it is a very good idea to have protective hairstyles in winter. They can really protect you natural hair from cold and damage. This in its turn will allow you have relaxed tresses in spring time.

Half up half down hairstyles form box braids

cute long half up down hair
colorful street style plaits

Some looks captured and spotted in streets are simply mesmerizing. Take the girl above with silver grey box braids. Look at her small bag and shoes of the same color. Have a look at the combination of jeans and high heels and long loose plaits. Her image is a perfection.