Striking Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Goddess braids hairstyles are one of the numerous protective styles that black women can wear. Nice and feminine, they can be created both on the natural hair base ad well as with the help of extension. In any case, you can prolong live of your braids with the right care – wrap around a silky scarf at night and use moisturizer each morning, This way your stunning black braids will last around a month.

Before we get to see the pictures, let me introduce goddess plaits in a few words. Actually, there are almost like cornrows. But if cornrows are small and very tight, these ones are a bit more relaxed and far bigger and more defined. With your huge cornrows created, now you will be able to boast any updo hairstyles you like from low buns to high ones, from ponytails or intricate braided hairdos.

Long impressive goddess braids

spectacular big cornrows
creative snake braids
long goddess braids hairstyles for black women
black women long braids

Goddess braids hairstyles are most commonly used long styles. The plaiting technique actually requires some significant length of the tresses. But you are given a choice what to do with ends. Mainly women prefer plaiting until the ends. But there can be some cute ideas with naturally curly ends too.

Updos out of goddess braids hairstyles

nice updos fr black ladies

Here is an example how nice you can cope together the two styles. On the one hand it is protective braids. And on the other hand you see the natural curly dizzy mane. So why not try to fuse these styles together?

high braided bun hairstyles
big bun out of goddess braids
updo hairstyles
amazing goddess plaits

Bun hairstyles are perhaps the most popular and most often used styles among black women. Maybe this is due to the protective styles that look fabulous when fixed in updos. With goddess braids the principle is the same. High and low buns look equally fine and appealing. The only thing to take into account is the right section of strands to be braided. Strict and geometrically perfect, each section should have its place.

Relaxed hair side cornrows

straightened hairstyles with side braid

Finally, a cute way to wear a side big cornrow, is to relax hair, make a pony and plait one strand on side. This will be a cute way to wear hair for some party.