Playful Box Braids Double Bun Hairstyles

Box braids are already hairstyles by themselves. I mean if you just leave them loose, they will look fabulous. Still, you can always create something more appealing with your plaits. The traditional designs include ponytails and high donut buns. These are the looks most often seen on black women wearing box braids. However, woman remains a woman and wants to make some changes from time to time. How to update you protective hair looks? Create the amazingly adorable box braids double bun hairstyles! They are cute and lovely, besides they look playful. They simply add some childish shades and you will look flirty, but not that naughty.

Colorful box braids with double buns

bob haircuts out of box braids
red braids and buns
half up double buns on colorful box braids
lovely two bun for black women

Of course, this hair design takes its origins among kids hairstyles. The Afro puffs, pigtails, double braids, are all the solutions that we see on little girls. However, there is always a way to upgrade kids hair into a grown-up lady’s style. Your make up, outfit, behavior will make you not to look too childish, just playful instead. Actually, this is one f the looks that attract men’s attentions, due to fusion of an adult lady with a kid.

Long box braids double bun hairstyles

long box braids half bun hairstyles
half updo double bun hair
cute double buns for black women
cool two buns for box braids

By the way, box braids double bun hairstyles rea easy to create both on long and shorter bb haircuts. On bob they are very nice, cause bob is above all very trendy nowadays. On long plaits the half up half down two buns will be another option for your every day looks. Perhaps, it is not the best style to wear to work, but after work hours are meant for them.

Huge twists protective hairstyles with two buns

Senegalese twists with double buns

Well, this post is devoted t box brads. But there are many other protective hairstyles like faux locs, and Senegalese twists. And they also represent a good base for various designs of hairstyles. he above pictures with thick yarn twists is an inspirational look for you to try the half updo double bun hairstyles. Of course, never forget about beads that add some traditional note to your appearance.