Moonlit Silver Box Braids Hairstyles

Contrasting colors may be awesome. Well, they are almost often awesome. However,we usually associate silver and light blue colors with cold, and mostly expect fair skinned women to wear such color outfits, accessories, make-up and also hairstyles. The first thought about silver box braids hairstyles for black women may cause you doubt the possibility of such looks. However, they are reality and they are extremely cool styles. If you still have some ambiguity about this topic, check out below the gallery of box braids extensions of grey silver shades.

Long silver grey box braids for black ladies

dark and light silver plaits
big box braids of silver color

Actually, the contrast in skin tone and the moon kissed shades works the best for your. It underlines you facial features. Besides, it is an easy way to express yourself, your individuality, your attitude.

Impressive silver box braids hairstyles

extra long grey silver plaits
black women silver braids
micro braids of silver grey color
exceptional light silver box braids

Silver and grey can be of various intensity and depth. It can be quite fair silver, reminding more of a white color. And on he contrary, you can try very deep grey colors. No matter what you choose your long box braids will definitely look fine. Also silver looks nice both on big and micro braids.

Dark grey jumbo braids extensions

dark grey long jumbo braids
shaved side dark grey box braids half updo
cute dark silver extensions for black women

The good thing about hair extensions like jumbo braids is that they are not necessarily one-dimensional. Yes, you can have the base color. For example, dark grey. But you can add some black strands, or some light and dark blue strands, that will create a complete image, yet with some play of colors. So never depress your creativity and add colors and fuse styles.

Long box braids hairstyles with silver highlights

braids with grey ombre highlights
ombre silver highlights for long box braids

In continuation to color play, your silver box braids hairstyles can be highlights. Your stylist can create balayage effect, with strands merging into each with no definite line of color transition. And you can also go ombre that is still popular. The base black in combination with silver grey ends, will make a dazzling combination, that everybody around you will notice and fall in love with.