Jaw-Dropping Dookie Braids Hairstyles You Will Love

On hearing dookie braids, I bet we all go back to childhood. The hairstyles that were meant for school, always adorned with some trendy hair accessories like huge bows and colorful pins. However, get back to reality right now! Dookie braids hairstyles have gone a huge way and now from simple school girls hair have turned into worthy style for any grown up lady. Among all the other protective hairstyles, these ones stand apart just because they are easy to create. Actually, you can compare yourself. For example, take sisterlocks or micro braids. For sure, it will take long hours to create them. Meanwhile for dookie braids there are some special techniques for dividing hair into rectangular strands accurately. And due to their bigness it takes little time to have them on. Besides, they are trendy cause they allow using beads, and extensions of various colors. So these black women protective hairstyles are a mixture of all the best from all styles.

Huge braided strands with beads

best black dookie braids hairstyles
long black braids
black dookie braids hairstyles
best dookie braids

Well, this kind of braided strands also allows you a smooth transition to evening party look. Imagine, you go to work with hair fixed in a modest bun. On the night coming in, you just leave it loose, arrange your baby hair on forehead and go to rock the party. This is mostly due to shiny beads on the strands.

Extra long black dookie braids hairstyles

impressive black dookie braids hairstyles
thick locs
casual black dookie braids hairstyles
big jumbo braids
cool long black dookie braids hairstyles
long black protective hairstyles

Here are quite traditional dookie braids hairstyles. They are quite thick, they are of natural colors, black or dark brown, and they are thick equally through all the length. This is a feature that is appropriate to dookies only. Other styles go thinner to the ends, like out natural hair do. However, here you see the same thickness from roots to ends.

Updo hairstyles out of dookie braids

black dookie braids updo hairstyles
side twist
double bun out of black dookie braids hairstyles
double bun
black women dookie braids hairstyles
half updo

As mentioned at the beginning, dookie braids include all the best features from other protective strands. Above pictures show various updo styles. So it is a side twist ending in a low ponytails, it is a top knot, or half up half down bun. Any style looks good, indeed. You just need to find your own.