Fabulous Faux Locs Hairstyles To Boast Today

Faux locs hairstyles are among the trends that have been popular among black women for a while already. Actually, there are two types of them and you need to know both before you actually decide to wear the locs. So there are permanent and temporary options. Temporary ones are human hair, or yarn or whatever wrapped around your natural hair strands. While permanent ones are the real protective hairstyles. In this case the plaits made of yarn or synthetic or real hair are attached to your roots. So you get a style that protects and allows your naturals tresses grow out.

Colorful faux locs for black women

long blue locs
colorful locs
pastel blue faux locs

Another important thing to consider is the color for sure, Mind, that you are going to ear a protective hairstyles, that will last for some months. So be careful to choose a color that will not start annoying you in  a couple of days. For winter time go for warmer red and brown shades, while in spring allow yourself something crazy like pastel pink and blue.

Half up half down buns from faux locs

black women half buns
half top knots out of protective hairstyles

The length of your faux locs hairstyles is very important. Because the locs are heavy. Well, first of all it depends on the type of plaits you choose. Human hair is heavy, while yarn is much lighter. Actually, it is synthetic hair that has gained much popularity due its flexibility. In any case, think of the roots that can become very stressed under the weight of your long locs.

Fabulous faux locs hairstyles

patterned shaved side with brown locs
long black locs with beads

Like with any protective style with faux locs you need to devote some time and efforts to them, Many think that once you go for them, you may forget about hair care procedures, In reality, it is essential to wash locs twice a week, apply oil on skin every day, take vitamins for hair. Only following the procedures, you can achieve shiny and healthy look of your hair.

High buns with shaved sides locs

black women shaved sides updos
curious faux locs updos

Finally, turn on your imagination. Make shaved sides, create high buns and half updos, go for various colors and textures. Such locs give you a lot of space for creation, so why not do it?