Cool Long Faux Locs Hairstyles 2017

Looking for new protective hairstyles inspiration? I am here to introduce to you long faux locs hairstyles 2017. First of all, faux long are cool. They are glossy and shiny, and give the impression of silky hair unlike dreadlocks. Secondly, long soft hair is always a benefit. Thirdly, they are easier to style than for example micro box braids, but they looks simply amazing. Finally, they give huge place to implement your creativity and imagination. You can use beads on them, traditional or colorful. You can add colorful locs, create highlights like ombre and balayage, or use pastel hair colors. So anything is possible. Above all, with the hair trends for the coming year, you are obviously lucky to have them sport natural looks. Cause this is what locs provide in first place.

Protective faux locs for black women

cool long faux braids
faux locs with beads

One of the options that locs give is the ability to choose between small and big strands. Big kinky ones look impressive, tough I would suggest smaller ones that create looks like with natural hair, indefinite completed looks with silky hair. The above picture shows a very vast mane of simple traditional locs. Only a couple of beads make it convert into a very cute look. So with locs make sure to use accessories too.

Extra long faux locs hairstyles 2017

long locs
black ladies long braids
impressive locs with beads

Mentioned above and proved once again is the fact that long faux locs hairstyles 2017 are not only impressive but incredibly functional. Due to the soft texture of extensions used, you can manipulate them into any other hairdo you like. High buns, half updos, French twists and braids, are more than possible in this case. Of course, you may use Marley extensions, that are more sulky and matte, but glossy ones are a better fit.

Cool and funky faux locs braids

black women cool locs
faux locs hairstyles for black women
half up half down faux locs

In many case, black women hairstyles on the base of faux locs are created with natural hair color. I mean that you merely use your inborn black shade and that’s it. However, some ladies prefer to break stereotypes and go further. I am not talking about drastic hair color changes, but a simple macchiato hair color extensions that are a good fit for moca skin tone.