Cute Pastel Pink Box Braids Hairstyles

One of the main advantages of protective hairstyles is that they last a couple of months. It gives you a good period of time to completely change your look and not start getting bored of it. So what can you practically do? First of all, you can choose different length each time, and of course you can try different techniques like box braiding, faux locs, dreads and twists. Another thing is playing with the texture and type of extensions, like natural hair, or yarn or most popular synthetic tresses. Finally, you are absolutely free to experiment with colors. Shifting between dark black and platinum blonde you can always have a different look. Today we will consider pastel pink box braids hairstyles.

Why pastel? Oh haven’t you noticed how popular pastel is now among all categories of women? We see it on runway and on celebs, so why not to try it on box braids?

Ombre pastel pink for box braids

long ombre pink plaits
ombre pastel pink extensions
cool long micro braids

The coloring technique that has been popular for quite a while is ombre. Though we see it now partially substituted with balayage, nobody can state that it is gone. On protective extensions it is not that difficult to achieve ombre effect. Keep roots darker and from the mid length start the color you like, pastel pink for example.

Cute pastel pink box braids hairstyles

long pink braids
black women pastel pink double buns
pink braids with dark roots
pink braids with dark roots
pink box braids into French braid

Actually, pastel pink box braids hairstyles always look kind of natural. Cause there is always the factor of dark roots. It is like with blondes that are considered to be natural when you see darker roots. Above all, pink is a cool color that you can boast at any tome of the year. With such a girlish color you will always look flirty and feminine.

Black women protective plaits with pastel colors

long micro braids of pastel shades
box braids and pastel pink

When we speak about one color, it doesn’t mean that all your plaits should be uniformly dyed into that very shade. Your pink braids can be updated with platinum blonde strands, or pastel blue and green, and yellow. On the whole, you can add any color you love, just make sure not to create a very dramatic contrast.