Cool Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Blonde hair color seems to be one of the most popular shades nowadays. There is nothing surprising about that, especially taking into account the fact that last summer explode with various shades of blondes. The most jaw-dropping one was the platinum blonde beyond any doubt. Celebrities one after the other went for the color, thus setting the main trend for the whole forthcoming year. For black women blonde has always been there for the ones loving the extreme contrast. Actually, blonde box braids hairstyles are not a new thing in hair world of African-American women. However, they went viral after the trend went spreading.

So it is quite the time for you now to consider going for protective hairstyles of blonde color this time. Moreover, bare in mind that braids last a couple of moths usually and you can easily revert back to darker shade soon enough. But I am sure that you will love the combination of mocca skin and honey blonde hair.

Long box braids of blonde hair shade

long blonde box braids hairstyles
extra long blonde locs
long side swept blonde box braids hairstyles
black women white box braids
platinum blonde box braids hairstyles
platinum blonde braids

One of the bets ways to impress with your new style is to get extra long braids. Even though it is bob going extremely popular now, long tresses always tend to remain on trend. Besides, with blonde color they will look much more capturing.

Straw and honey blonde box braids hairstyles

half up half down blonde box braids hairstyles
half updos from straw blonde locs
straw blond box braids hairstyles
light brown braids for black women

It is not obligatory for you to go for platinum blonde. Actually, there many various shades that can look even better for your darker skin tone. For example, consider honey and caramel blonde, or go for sunkissed straw blonde. These shades will underline your natural features in the best possible way.

Blonde box braids with pink highlights 

blonde box braids with pink highlights
pastel highlights for box braids

Some of us love the idea of changes and we always seek for the most crazy ideas. For hairstyles, your spirits will fit to wearing highlights of various colors. Following the blonde box braids hairstyles trends, I have to say that pastel colors will be the ones to make you look quite fashionable. So consider them for your blonde long locs.

Blonde bob hairstyles out of box braids

blonde box braids bob hairstyles
short bob cuts for black women

Here is the triumphal bob haircut that for black women is styled with box braids. Mind that even on the shortest length you can lay with shades and highlights. One of the most lovely solutions is ombre bob you see above.