Cool Black Women Sisterlocks Hairstyles

Considering a new protective hairstyles for your next look? Black women sisterlocks hairstyles can be become perfect solution for you. Relatively young styles for locks were invented and trademarked by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in not very distant 1993. And since then have become one of the most favorite styles for many ladies. What are these sisterlocks? Actually, these are a variation of dreads, but they are very tiny and small. That makes them be quite functional and look almost like relaxed hair. The trend for this expensive yet effortless look is spreading quickly enough. However, before you run to create them you need to consider all the merits and shortcoming that sisterlocks can bring. Below I will describe the main of them.

Long black sisterlocks styles

tiny black women sisterlocks hairstyles
accurate long locs
long black women sisterlocks hairstyles
awesome sisterlocks

One of the advantages is that you don’t need to grow out our hair. Only a couple of inches will be enough to implement this plaiting technique. By the way, only the specialist of the trademark are licensed to legally install these tiny locs. Mind, that this part is very important. Cause wrongly adjusted locs can bring to hair breakage and tension and even to headaches. Above all, this is not an easy process and your hair stylist needs to be qualified for creating locs, having passed a special course for doing that.

Black women sisterlocks hairstyles

long brown black women sisterlocks hairstyles
brown long locs
brown sisterlocks hairstyles for black women
small tiny sisterlocks
awesome black women sisterlocks hairstyles
cool locs for black women

Perhaps, the greatest disadvantage of this unique type of locs is the installation time. Indeed, if on box braids you will spend around 6 hours, in this case it will take you from 10 to 36 hours to get them done. So this can really be very stressful. However, instead you will get the look of our dreams. Its maintenance will be much lower than of natural or relaxed hair. Consequently, it is definitely worthy to consider.

Short hairstyles out of sisterlocks

black women short sisterlocks
short locs with highlights

Finally, mind that sisterlocks are no cheap thing, Installation may cost you u to 2000 $, and each re-twisting will make a sum of 100$. Well, you can get to learn to re-twist them yourself. In any case, black women sisterlocks hairstyles have quite thin texture, that allows create many updo and downdo hairstyles as if with long relaxed hair.