Daring Shaved Sides Box Braids Hairstyles

The hairstyles that we are going to refer to today are perhaps the most daring and amazing ones. Some time ago shaved head and bold styles were meant for men only. The traditional men’s undercut was never adopted by women. However, during the latest season we saw a drastic change that led to an astounding new trend for women. Actually, shaved sides or shaved nape styles are now very often adopted by teens and also grown-ups regardless of hair texture. It is very fashionable now to have some pattern on the nape and make simple updos to reveal it. For black women the most fascinating are shaved sides box braids hairstyles.

Black women shaved updo hairstyles 

shaved sides bun
shaved sides bun with twists
front box braided bun with shaved sides

Before you make an appointment with you hairstylist, mind that shaving sides is really very daring. Even very short crop cuts create very eye-catching looks. So imagine how impressive shaved ones are. With box braids there some options that you can try. First of all, leaving tresses loose, swept to one side to reveal the bold side. Also, updos become good ways to show off your newly adopted shaved sides.

Statement shaved sides box braids hairstyles

Mohawk from jumbo braids
shaved sides protective braids

Give way to your imagination. Really! Of course, I totally agree that wearing shaved sides box braids is already fascinating. However, now imagine a Mohawk style that you can create with your long jumbo braids. Won’t it be an amazing ption for a new look today? what you can do is to take you crown part with braids and make a French braid out of authentic extensions. Going down from the crown part you will get the hairstyle sthat any man will get jealous of.

Long jumbo braids hairstyles with shaved sides

box braids and shaved sides
cute high ponytails from shaved sides box braids
black women long hairstyles with shaved sides

Above all, you can absolutely forget about styling now. Your shaved sides hair will be so fabulous, that no styling will be actually needed. Just remember to fresh up the sides from time to time to always have them looking accurate. Eventually, my word is that shaving sides is an adventure and it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready for it now.