Black Women Undercut Box Braids & Locs

Have you ever thought of shaving your head? Not all, calm down! Just a part of it, for example shaved sides, or nape, make patterns and wear half shaved head hairstyles? Well, yes! This is quite daring and extravagant and rebel. And before you go and get undercut box braids you should think first. The advantages of such styles are many indeed. First of all, it is the functionality. The black hair texture is very curly and quite unruly. So before you have hair styled into protective hairstyles, think how cool it will be to have the sides and nape shaved. The curls won’t get on your nerves any more. On the other hand, they looks o damn good. The originally men haircuts have now entered women hair world and rock with variety of solutions. Below you will find some really nice ones.

Undercut box braids hairstyles for women

white box braids with half shaved head
patterned jumbo braids undercut
high bun with undercut
small box braids with undercut

As you could guess, today we are discussing protective styles combined with shaved head. Actually, for such a look you can use any style from micro braids to dreads. Above there are represented the pictures with undercut box braids hairstyles. It is very convenient indeed to style a simple high bun with your jumbo braids and show off shaved patterns.

Faux locs undercut for women

faux locs undercut hairstyles
cool locs female undercut
female shaved hairstyles

Undercut with locs is another cool combination that you can consider if your love locs. feel free to add a personal touch to your new style by choosing various pattern design on the nape and on sides too.

Female dreadlocks undercut hairstyles

dreadlocks shaved hairstyles fr women
patterned sides for women

Undercut with dreadlocks or dreadlocks with shaved sides is a very popular styles. But not only among women. Basically, these are men’s hairstyles initially. With sides shaved you become more free in your movements and life is easier. So it didn’t take us, ladies, long to get those cool styles too.

Undercut twists

twists undercut for black women

Senegalese or Marley twists are the protective styles that we all know and love. Undercut with twists can be very plain indeed. You just shave half of your head and that’s it. You have the coolest look among the rest.