Black Women Box Braids French Braids Hairstyles 2017

One of the most impressive ways to ear your box braids will be the French plait. Yes, this is not an error. At first sight it may seem that that jumbo extensions and classic three strand plaiting technique can;t actually be combined. But below you will find some ideas on box braids French braids hairstyles 2017 and that will convince you in my words. Actually, box braids are the most popular protective hairstyles nowadays. Why? Cause they are functional. Well, first of all to style them is not that easy and is quite demanding your time and efforts. However, the result is worth the tortures. There are bog box braids, but the most fascinating ones are micro braids. On their base any style o French plaits will look refined and elegant. So let’s have a look at some ideas grabbed throughout the web.

Exquisite box braids updos

Reverse French braid
Cool French braided Mohawk
intricate box braids updo

Do not look for easy ways when it comes to creating unforgettable updos. The box braids are really a good base for any look. Take any of the above pictures and be sure that it will make perfect box braids French braids hairstyles 2017. Yes, the trends for the next year sport natural looks. But who said that classics and elegance will go out of fashion? This is something that is always appreciated and in great demand. So start learning the styles and designs already now.

Wrap around braids out of jumbo braids

halo braid
huge French plaits

With creating the classic look with your extensions it is essential to give place to your imagination. Forget about the very widely spread ideas and design your own look. For example, take the halo braid. It s quite popular, but why not to create a new half u wrap around braid? Yes you leave the back part loose and boast the length, and wrap a braid on the forehead.

Easy box braids French braids hairstyles 2017

box braids fishtail
cute side braid out of protective hairstyles

Meanwhile some of the French plaiting ideas are quite complicated, there are still the old good traditional threes strands. We plait them together in the easiest way we know from childhood and get an amazing loo. No matter what level of difficulty your style has, the essence is that the fusion of the two worlds comes to be reflected in box braided French braids.