Black Women Amazing Yarn Braids Hairstyles

Are you tired of you synthetic extensions? Or are you wearing that simple afro for long now? There is a way to change you look right now – try yarn braids hairstyles. Yarn braids are exactly what you think they are. It is yarn used as extension for your smashing look. The good thing is that these protective hairstyles are easy to create. Another good thing is that you can choose yarn of any color you like today. And one more good thing is that you can wash yarn braids together with your natural hair. Or you can take them off, wash hair and style again, this time of different color. Besides they last a week or two, enough time to enjoy one style and shift to another. As you can see it is all about benefits and no shortcomings at all. So why not try it today?

Long black protective braids

extra long yarn braids
beads and long twists
black women short yarn braids

By the way you can create very long tresses with yarn braids. And it is not essential that you use three strand classical braid. No, instead you can try huge kinky twists. Just small amount of them will already create the mane. Also mind, that it is time of bob hairstyles reign. So short braids are also welcomed.

Blue yarn braids hairstyles

pastel blue braids
black women blue braids
cool yarn braids
light blue locs hairstyles for black women

One of the best advantages of yarn braids hairstyles for black women, is the diversity of color,s sizes, length, and texture. It all depends on your preferences and mood today. Above you see blue extensions. All completely different. Huge twists, faux locs, micro braids and big jumbo braids. Everything is real and possible.

Awesome colorful grey twists for black women

grey twists
long red braids
white faux locs

With yarns you will get an infinite source of inspiration to play with. The colors can be easily managed, cause taking off yarn extensions and styling new ones is not that difficult. You can reach a complete makeover once a week. Imagine Each time new look, new you, new mood, even new life. In a word, do not waste your time on thinking, just go and get some yarn plaits to get a brand new look right now!